Supplier Dashboard

  1. Indicate if you are a Professional Services Firm, if so, you are only required to fill out one questionnaire. If not, please complete the questionnaires as required.

    Help Supplier Dashboard

  2. Click on each form to open and complete.

    Help Complete Form

  3. Fill out all needed forms making sure to complete all (*) mandatory fields.

    Help Mandatory Field

  4. Please attach any required documents using the Attach Document button

    Help Attach Documents

  5. Please choose the file you would like to upload. Select which document type it is and provide an expiration date if applicable. Then click on Add Document.

    Help Add Document

  6. Once completed you have the option to Save Draft or Mark as Complete. If your questionnaire is not yet complete click Save Draft to complete it at a later time. If it is complete and ready for submission, click Mark Questionnaire as Complete.

    Help Save or Mark As Completed

  7. This will return back to the supplier dashboard where the other questionnaires are available for completion in the same manner. Once all questionnaires are completed and ready for submission – Submit application for approval.

If you have any questions during this process, please get in touch with your contact at Seaspan. For general inquiries, please email

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